30+ leading experts delivered insights & inspiration
on sex, love & relationships


Uncover pearls of erotic wisdom,

including how to:

  • Revive your libido & boost sexual desire
  • Deepen your intimate connection with your lover
  • Feel more confident in your body while making love
  • Introduce novelty or kink in a fun & safe way
  • Have more intense orgasms & more sexual pleasure
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to enhance your physical sensitivity & sensuality
  • Release drama & trauma of the past

The Summit had ended, but you can purchase the entire series here.

Check out this stellar line-up of authors, therapists, doctors & healers
who shared their wisdom & expertise to help
bring more ecstasy & eroticism into your life!

Dr. Mike Dow

Todd Malloy

Rúna Magnús

Hannah Ransom

Pauline McCarthy

Brian Begin

Feminsta Jones

Nicholas Haines

Devi Ward

Camille Sheppard-Parrish

Kyle Benson

Tamra Mercieca

Robyn D’Angelo

Adi Shakti

Marisa Peer

Monika Laschkolnig

Basak Gunaydin

Dr. Gayle Friend

Dr. Patti Britton

Bitta Wiese

Shasta Townsend

Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg

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Meet your host, Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.

You deserve an intimate life full of passion, ecstasy & fun!

I will ask candid questions of these world-class experts to provide you with the healing, insight, and inspiration that will transform your sex life, boost your confidence and empower you to live orgasmically!
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Host of the Erotic Love Summit & Author of The Orgasm Prescription for Women

Each day of the week we feature a special theme
on sex, love & relationships

Desire, Arousal & Orgasm

Novelty, Kink & Role Play

Body confidence

Self-love & Compassion

Mature love & Menopause

Sacred Sexuality

Intimacy  & Romance

Erotic Lit

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