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How to Free Yourself by Overcoming Suppressed Sexuality and Body Shame

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Enjoy today’s interview with Adi Shakti, host of the Six Figure Yogi and the Creative Director of Passion Yoga School. Adi and I deep-dive into a conversation on sexual healing – and how to break the chains of sexual trauma.

As Adi reveals, there’s something that’s taboo to discuss in Western society: the fact that we all carry with us the wounds of suppressed sexuality – scars that we have since childhood. So how does one transcend this trauma and emerge as a more sexually free individual – free from body shame and a lack of self-worth?

That’s exactly the question Adi tackles in this interview and talks about the techniques she uses in her empowerment groups and yoga classes to help women overcome sexual trauma. While mainstream Western psychology can yield some insight, true healing – says Adi – must use the tools of our body.

You’ll learn about her unique techniques (that ultimately can pave the way to better and more numerous orgasms), and lots more, in this interview. I’m sure you’ll get a lot from it!

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adi peach circleAdi is the Creative Director of Passion Yoga School, host of the Six Figure Yogi, Creative Mastermind of the Maha Shakti Center, author, humanitarian and creator of the Empowered Goddess: A Soulful, Strategic, Sexy Business Education Retreat for the New Paradigm Leader. Adi Shakti is a born leader, empowered creator, and active force of nature. She enjoys a global freedom lifestyle of empowered entrepreneurship. She lives full time in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.


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