Devi Ward Live

Devi Ward explains tantric orgasm, authentic tantra and why we all need sexual healing


Authentic Tantra for Sexual Healing & Transcendent Sex

One of the first Westerners qualified to teach the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practices, Devi Ward is a well-respected author, healer, and Tantric expert – and she’s here with me on today’s video interview, where we discuss the difference between authentic Tantra and NeoTantra – and how Tantra can radically transform your sex life. Suffice it to say that you’re in for a real treat with this energetic, dynamic interview!

First, Devi talks about the need to return to a more sacred view of sexuality – a perspective where sex is not something to be ashamed of, but instead something to be embraced and celebrated as a divine, healing act. And, says Devi, “Sex is as normal and vital and necessary as eating food!” I could not agree more!

There’s so much more you’ll learn from Devi (which is why you’ve got to watch this – it’s well-worth it!). For example, we explore how sex is actually – in a very real sense – medicine. Sex has healing properties, and is a potent anti-aging activity (way down to the hormone level).

From the idea of “soul-stirring” orgasms to the best way to learn Tantra, you’ll get so much good information from Devi in this interview – enjoy it!

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PEACH CIRCLE DEVIDevi Ward is the Co-Founder of Tibetan Tantra Inc. and Co-Creator of Authentic Tantra Holistic Sex Education. Devi is an internationally recognized Tantra Expert, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Tantric Dakini of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage. Devi is one of the first Westerners qualified to teach the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practices (which stem from a 2,600-year-old lineage of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism), and apply them as a sexual healing modality. She is an author and Host of Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward Podcast on Itunes and Her personal journey from stripper, to monk, to Tantrika enables her to call upon her own experience of profound life transformation through Tantra and sexual healing.

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